Durable and handcrafted outdoor furniture

Are you looking for handmade and durable outdoor furniture to enjoy the outdoors endlessly? We make all our products with attention, craftsmanship and love for the materials. Make your garden complete with our authentic garden furniture.

Handmade and authentic products 

We choose the best materials so that you can optimally enjoy the outdoors with the most beautiful garden furniture. With us you will find no mass production, because all our products are made with love and by hand by professionals. Our collection consists entirely of handmade and authentic products, finished with the right finishing touch. All of them are of the same high quality, yet slightly different.

Our collection of garden furniture

Gather ultimate moments of happiness in your own backyard with our garden furniture. Whether you want to sit or lie outside, freshly bathe or just warm up; it’s at your fingertips with our items. All our products are made for and by people with a true outdoor lifestyle. For people who love life and want to get the most out of it, but can also intensely enjoy refined details.

Handmade chairs for outdoors

Our portable seating (handmade chairs for outdoors) are a real must-have for those who like to sit comfortably anytime, anywhere. These chairs are made of teak, a solid material that only gets more beautiful with age. The upholstery of the chairs is water repellent and made of high quality. This makes the fabric less prone to discoloration in the sun, so you can enjoy your chairs for longer.

 Handgemaakte tuinstoelen Chill DiptCheck out our garden chairs.

Outdoor beanbags (and couches)

Our outdoor bean bags don’t just look good, they’re great too. The luxurious beanbags are filled with EPS balls and have a strong cover, made of Sunproof® fabric. The combination of EPS balls and the strong cover gives you a beanbag with maximum comfort without compromising on looks and quality.

Outdoor zitzakken Chill Dept

Got curious? Check out our luxury beanbags.

Steel garden fireplaces

Like all our other products, we have chosen living materials for our garden fireplaces. Our garden fireplaces are made of corten steel and that is a very conscious choice. Corten steel is made from 100% recycled material, is indestructible and lasts up to 10 times longer than other types of steel. A wonderful additional feature is that this steel gets a beautiful rusty look over time. So whether you choose a traditional garden fireplace, a fire crate or a fire bowl, you get a true showpiece for your garden.

Stalen handgemaakte tuinhaarden Chill Dept

View all of our garden fireplaces.

Outdoor pools 

Currently very trendy, but especially super healthy; outdoor bathing! Not only is it great to do, an outdoor pool is also a real eye-catcher in your garden. In our collection we have metal outdoor pools, but also outdoor pools made of pine. Where the metal version creates a tough look, the outdoor pool made of pine wood gives a more authentic look.

Buitenbad Chill Dept

Wondering which bath will fit your garden best? Then take a look at all our outdoor pools.

All the craftsmanship just in house 

From upholstering to wood- and metalworking, we do it all ourselves and by hand. By making all our furniture ourselves, we have a direct view on the quality of our raw materials but also of our finished products. So you are guaranteed to be comfortable with Chill Dept. at home… euh…. garden.

Sustainable and lovingly made

The production of sustainable garden furniture starts with the purchase of the right materials, but stands or falls with the way these materials are worked with. This is precisely why we choose craftsmen with a deep love for the trade and the materials. With this combination you will find the garden furniture that you can enjoy to the max. Because we love the outdoors!