In the spotlight: Coats Island XL sheepskin

For centuries, sheep have been associated with humans. It is said that they were among the first animals kept by man and were mostly bred for meat, milk and skins for making products such as footwear, clothing, warm rugs, among others.

The Chill-Dept. Coats Island sheepskins are real natural products for which no sheep is specially slaughtered. Our sheepskins come from the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Sweden and Iceland and are tanned and processed in various tanneries in Europe, according to EU guidelines.

Our XL lounge sheepskins are composed of several sheepskins hence its special length of no less than 180 to 195cm. Velvety soft to the touch. Use it as decoration; drape it over a chair or sofa and use it as a lovely soft rug.

The furs are of high quality, guarantee softness and have excellent heat regulation, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer! So, weather or no weather, you can always sit outside in comfort.


Place the Coats Island XL lounge rug in the Chill Dept. Limestone teak recliner, grab a drink, light a fire in the Goldstream fire pit and you’re good to go!