Cotton Ville – Wool & Recycled Cotton Plaid Deep Forest


Cotton Ville – Wool & Recycled Cotton Plaid Deep Forest


The rugged yet refined Cotton Ville plaid fits perfectly into any interior and adds a rugged touch to your living room or outdoor space. Its convenient size makes it easy to take with you to the park, the beach, or a cozy picnic.

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Recycled product

Sustainable product

Made in Holland

Available in four colors

Product description

A sturdy and cozy throw, perfect for the upcoming long summer evenings. The throws are woven and manufactured in Enschede. The color of the throws is derived from recycled material, which comes from textile waste from factories. This waste is sorted by color and spun into new yarns to create new textiles. The brown label attached to the throws is made of vegan material, a sustainable label.

Material & maintenance

Hand wash or use a wool wash program with low spin. Wash as gently as possible. Note: washing results may vary depending on the washing machine used, detergents, amount of laundry in the drum, etc. Like many cotton textiles, it is not advisable to leave the throw in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as the denim variant may fade faster than other colors due to the recycled post-consumer jeans used in the yarn.

  • Shake off loose dirt.
  • Air out if necessary by hanging outside.
  • If washing is necessary: Use a wool or hand wash program at 30˚C.
  • Use a low spin setting.
  • Avoid drying on radiators or in direct sunlight.

Product specifications


Warp: Wool/viscose

Weft: Recycled cotton combined with organic cotton with a small amount (25%) of recycled polyester

Weight kg



L 200 x W 140 cm