Teak wood

Teak is widely known as the most valuable tropical hardwood and is commonly used for luxury furniture. Teak naturally has a beautiful honey brown color and will discolor slightly gray when used outdoors due to influences of rain and UV. With its high natural oil content, teak can withstand extreme weather conditions. These characteristic properties are unique and cannot be found in other types of wood. This is why we use teak in our designs. Without a doubt!

News fact

Teak originally comes from Southeast Asia and grows mainly in Indonesia, Burma and India. In the 16th century, Buddhist monks brought the teak tree from Burma to Indonesia. Later, the Dutch established large plantations in Java. The climatic conditions in Indonesia proved ideal for planting teak trees. Teak grows best in subtropical climate conditions with temperatures between 17° and 43° Celsius and an average rainfall of 1,250-3,750mm.


As outdoor enthusiasts, we at Chill-Dept. care about the climate and place great importance on using sustainably produced and cultivated materials. For the production of our teak outdoor furniture, we therefore use only certified ‘Perhuntani’ Indonesian plantation wood, sourced from responsibly and carefully managed forests. These trees are at least 15 years old before they are felled. This entire process is controlled and monitored by the government to protect illegal logging.