The garden trend for 2023: Adventure in the garden

This upcoming spring, “camping in your own garden” is totally trendy. With easily movable furniture, a focus on nature, and the use of bold natural colors, wonderful garden furniture for relaxed summer evenings, complete with accessories such as garden fireplaces, footrests, and soft blankets, make the picture complete.

Robust outdoor furniture that blends perfectly with the colors of the garden and nature. They are mostly adjustable and portable to create your own cozy Chill-Dept. place. Place these outdoor furniture pieces around a garden fireplace, for example, to create a cozy campfire feeling.

Wooden outdoor furniture will be an unmistakable part of this garden trend, sturdy and natural. Wonderful relaxing chairs made of honey-brown teak or robust bear chairs where you can sink away, or together, unnoticed let the evening slip by while enjoying a drink.

Embark on an adventure in your own garden, but nothing will stop you from exploring nature with these outdoor furniture pieces. Find a wonderful secluded spot in nature, unpack the furniture from the trunk, and listen only to each other’s voices and the singing of the birds.

So, robust and easily portable outdoor chairs are totally hip this summer. With the garden furniture from Chill-Dept., you follow this latest garden trend. Enjoy the fresh air and each other to the fullest!