Santa Cruz – Alpaca Wool Plaid Misty Grey


Santa Cruz – Alpaca Wool Plaid Misty Grey


The Santa Cruz plaid is made of beautiful quality alpaca wool, super soft, hypoallergenic, ventilating and very comfortable with finished fringes. The Santa Cruz plaid is thermally warm, this works summer’s cooling and winter feels pleasantly warm. The Santa Cruz plaid is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

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High quality Alpaca wool


Van Buren Bolsward

Available in six colors

Product description

The alpaca, also called mountain llama, is native to South America. Due to its structure, alpaca wool is 3 times stronger than sheep’s wool. In addition, alpaca wool is many times warmer than sheep’s wool, feels wonderfully soft and is anti-allergenic. Our lovely blankets can be compared to cashmere wool in terms of properties. The specific composition of the plaids provide wonderful comfort and itch significantly less on the skin than wool.

Material & maintenance

Alpaca wool is among the best wools. The fiber structure is super fine and soft, it can be compared to cashmere wool and are available in different colors. The composition of the plaid consists of 70% Alpaca wool, 18% Wool and 12% Acryl. The Santa Cruz plaid retains virtually no odors and therefore airing it outdoors is actually sufficient. It is generally better to wash wool products as little as possible. If you do wish to wash the Santa Cruz plaid, it is best to wash it in a pillowcase or large laundry bag.

  • Knock out any loose dirt.
  • If necessary, hang it outside to air.
  • Washing: Wool or hand wash program 30˚.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Avoid drying on heating or in the sun.

Product specifications


70% Alpaca wool / 18% Wool / 12% Synthetic

Weight kg



L 200 x W 150 cm