Welcome to the world of Chill-Dept.

Life is better outside

We don’t live for the daily obligations. Not for overflowing schedules, work hard play hard and always striving for more. We live for those little moments outside. For a deep black starry sky. A crackling campfire. A breathtaking view. Moments when you are together, the world stands still for a moment and the most beautiful stories are created. Chill-Dept exists to make these moments possible.

Freedom and comfort

Chill-Dept designs furniture for the real outdoors. Furniture that offers ultimate comfort at any time and place. With designs that give your garden a stylish vibe, but are just as easy to carry under your arm for a spontaneous drink or picnic in nature. Whatever the season. We want to encourage people to go on adventures, to enjoy the freedom of being outdoors, but always be able to rely on comfortable quality.

Sustainable quality

We stand for love of nature and people. That is why sustainability is deeply embedded in our organization. For example, we work exclusively with honest types of wood, high-quality upholstery and indestructible steel, and we break with mass production. Our furniture is handmade by passionate professionals, at production sites as close to home as possible. We feel responsible for our environment. That is why we stimulate various local initiatives with our Chill Dept Foundation.

New vision, old knowledge

Life is better outside. This is the vision we want to pass on to future generations. We do this with the enthusiasm of a young organization, but based on years of experience. Our team consists exclusively of people who have earned their spurs in the international garden furniture sector. As a result, you can always count on the highest quality products, expert advice when you need it and innovative designs that make relaxing outdoors even more beautiful.