About our guarantee plan

You may assume that the products you order from us are of high quality. Each product is covered by a statutory warranty which states that a product must do what you as a customer can expect of it under normal conditions of use. You are entitled to a warranty period of two years. The warranty differs per product. Should a product deviate from the indicated warranty period, this is stated at product level on our website.

Our warranty plan:

  •  A 2-year warranty period (This guarantee period does not affect the legal guarantee)
  • The warranty is effective from the date of purchase
  • The product was purchased through our webshop
  • You are entitled to a free repair or a new product
  • Within the warranty period you can send us your product for free repair. You pay no shipping costs.
  • This guarantee applies in addition to and without prejudice to the legal rights you already have as a consumer

The warranty does not apply to:

  • Damage as a result of improper use.
  •  Parts affected by normal wear and tear.
  • Products where modifications or repairs have been made to them by outside parties not approved by us.
  • Defects or faults already known at the time of receipt/purchase of the product. If there is any problem with such a product, we ask you to contact our customer service.

If it turns out that the product cannot be processed for warranty (not a warranty issue) then the already made costs will be charged. These costs consist of assembly and examination costs and the shipping costs.