Gardentub Lagoon Outdoor Bathing Sand Dune


Gardentub Lagoon Outdoor Bathing Sand Dune


If you are looking for a beautiful outdoor bath that seamlessly complements your patio and patio furniture, enhancing the overall experience of your garden, then the Gardentub Lagoon is the perfect choice for you. Discover everything about this ideal addition to your outdoor space here!

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Made in Holland

UV and weather-resistant


Available in six colors

Product description

The outdoor bath is of Dutch manufacture, so ‘Made in Holland,’ and made of durable, UV- and weather-resistant material, allowing you to not worry about outdoor storage and requiring little maintenance. Produced from high-quality and sustainable material, this outdoor bath is available in an attractive selection of five trendy colors.



We recommend placing the Gardentub Lagoon on a hard surface. If the Gardentub Lagoon is placed on grass, there is a chance that the grass may sink due to the weight of the Gardentub Lagoon.

Material & maintenance

Are you looking for a way to cool off on hot summer days, do your children want to have water fun, or do you want to immerse yourself in an ice bath like Wim Hof? The Gardentub Lagoon is the perfect solution. In addition to providing an extraordinary experience, this outdoor bath also adds a beautiful touch to your garden, bed & breakfast (B&B), or glamping location.

In no time, the Gardentub Lagoon is filled, and you can enjoy refreshment, whether you want to relax alone, with good company, cool off in the heat, or immerse yourself in an ice bath. Are you ready to try out this striking eye-catcher? Discover the versatility of this remarkable focal point and enjoy your own oasis. Order today and experience the fun!

Ease of Use of the Gardentub Lagoon: Effortlessly fill the Lagoon with a standard garden hose. Consider the purchase of an optional tap or shower for extra convenience, easily connectable to both a fixed water supply and a garden hose thanks to the handy Gardena coupling. This Dutch-produced Gardentub Lagoon has a lower water capacity than a traditional bathtub, allowing you to quickly enjoy relaxing bath moments. Discover the simplicity and speed of luxurious bathing now!

Drainage Options for the Gardentub Lagoon: Emptying the Gardentub Lagoon offers various convenient options. Simply connect a garden hose or PVC pipe to the drain and let the water empty into a drain or directly into your garden. An alternative option is to use a drip hose for watering your plants. Feel free to place a standard drain under the tub for direct drainage. Important to know: the water in the Gardentub Lagoon is stagnant, so reuse is not possible. New water is needed for each use. Order now for ultimate relaxation!

Manual Gardentub Lagoon

Product specifications


Low-Density Polyethylene

Weight kg



H 66 x B 94 x D 194 cm

Capacity liters