Gardentub Lagoon Outdoor Faucet Gold


Gardentub Lagoon Outdoor Faucet Gold


Upgrade your outdoor space with the stylish Gardentub Lagoon faucet! Transform your Gardentub Lagoon into a luxurious and easy oasis.

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Easy to install using the garden hose coupling

Available in two colors

Product description

This faucet is designed with an eye for detail, making it not only a functional element but also a visually appealing addition to your garden. Say goodbye to cumbersome garden hoses that mar your Gardentub Lagoon and welcome a streamlined solution that is both elegant and practical.


With the Gardentub Lagoon faucet, you can effortlessly and stylishly add water to your tub. No more hassle of hanging garden hoses over the edge – just open the faucet and enjoy filling your Gardentub Lagoon with ease.

Material & maintenance

Upgrade your Gardentub Lagoon outdoor pool with the faucet for extra flair. Connect your garden hose underneath the Lagoon to the faucet and let the water flow.

The faucet is made of brass and is specially designed for the Gardentub Lagoon outdoor pool. For water supply, simply connect a garden hose to the designated outlet at the bottom of the outdoor pool. We recommend disconnecting the faucet from the Gardentub Lagoon and storing it indoors when freezing temperatures are expected.

Get ready for relaxation in your own Gardentub Lagoon bathtub!
Learn quickly and easily how to install the faucet with our handy installation video.

Product specifications



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H 21 x B 7,5 x D 17,5 cm