Woodstock – Fire Bowl


Woodstock – Fire Bowl


At Chill Dept. we love fire and warmth! The Woodstock firepit is designed to allow you to enjoy the warmth, charm and romance of a real fire while enjoying the great outdoors.

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Handmade in Holland

Product description

This fire bowl has a diameter of ø 81.5cm, large enough for a solid fire. On the other hand, the Woodstock is easy to move and store away after use, thanks to its size and the special handle fitted. Locally developed and produced according to real craftsmanship. A sturdy fire bowl made of very strong corten steel which will, over time, take on a beautiful rust brown colour.

Material & maintenance

The Woodstock is made of Corten steel, also called weathering steel which is what gives it its nice rustic brown-orange color. Whilst the Woodstock will not be delivered with its rust finish, it will form quite quickly when using it outside. Depending on weather conditions and surroundings, each Woodstock will get its own unique brown-orange appearance. Corten steel is durable and has a unique metal alloy, in which the combination of metals used create a dense oxidation/rust layer.

  • The rust layer acts as a barrier and protects the steel from corrosion, eliminating the need for any type of maintenance.
  • The Woodstock can be best placed in a location where it can dry after rain.
  • Wet leaves do need to be removed, to prevent unwanted accelerated corrosion.
  • Please note Corten steel can leave rust marks on surfaces.

Product specifications


Corten steel

Weight kg



H 21 x Ø 81.5 cm